Zalim İstanbul 39. Bölüm Fragmanı - FİNAL unduh video mp3

  • 3 weeks ago
  • KanalD
  • kategori Zalim Istanbul Episode 39 Trailer is streaming! The residents of the mansion go into mourning due to the consecutive deaths. The DNA report Ceren brings to light changes everybody’s destiny. Having seen the report, Agah has a heart attack and passes away. This encourages Ceren to come back to the mansion. Seniz cannot stand witnessing Ceren coming back and marrying her son, so, she reaches to the point of no return. Seniz takes action to kill Ceren, however, Ceren realizes the situation and fights back. During the fight, they fall off the balcony and die. Seher gets petrified. Since the day she has decided to turn back to her hometown, she has been watching her family fall apart. Now, it’s time to go back, but one is missing... Zalim Istanbul finale episode is on June 22nd, Monday, at 8 pm on Kanal D!